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The war with zombies never ends in Plants vs. Zombies, a comprehensive attack and defense game. Can you protect your home with plants with special powers?

Plants With Superpowers

Coming to the Plants vs. Zombies game, players will have a lot of plants to use as weapons. However, their uses may vary depending on the type of plant.

For example, you can use energy plants to generate money and buy other plants. This group of plants often includes sunflowers and yellow mushrooms. In addition, another prominent group of plants is attack plants. Attack plants can shoot bullets to kill zombies. Or defensive plants are also a necessary weapon to stop the movement of zombies.

How To Play Plants vs. Zombies Online

Playing this action game online is extremely simple because you play just like the original Plants vs. Zombies version.

Planting Plants Strategically

In Plants vs. Zombies, the most important task is to protect the house from dangerous zombies. To perform this mission, players need to plant plants in the front yard to prevent these zombies.

Because plants have different uses, you need to plant them in suitable locations. For example, energy-generating plants should be planted behind defensive plants. If you use these plants in reverse, their effects will be significantly reduced.

All Online Plants vs. Zombies Modes

The online version includes 4 modes: Adventure, Survival, Puzzle, and Mini-games. Don't miss any of the Plants vs. Zombies! After that, you can join other famous defense fighting games like Subway Clash 2 and Knight Amaze.