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Checkers is an online chess game with familiar puzzle gameplay. Move your pieces on the 64-square chess board and capture all of your opponent's pieces. This game also belongs to the puzzle genre like One Card Game and Solitaire Mahjong Farm 2.

About This Puzzle Game

Checkers, known as the Chinese chess game, is a popular folk game on a square chessboard. Players need to know the board and piece first before talking about the gameplay.

Chess Board and Pieces

Chessboard: Checkers is played on a square chessboard consisting of black and red squares. The chessboard is 8x8 in size, so there are a total of 64 squares.

Chess pieces: Each player starts with 12 chess pieces with 2 different colors: white and black. Each color is presented for one player. White and black pieces are placed on red squares in different rows.

Checkers' Gameplay

In Checkers, your turn is played by moving pieces on the board. Chess pieces only move diagonally on red squares. The pieces can only move forward and cannot turn back after crossing the middle line of the board.

While moving, you can capture your opponent's pieces by jumping over their pieces. If you can continue to capture another piece after capturing one, you can continue moving.

How to Win Checkers

When one of your pieces reaches your opponent's last line, it is promoted to queen piece. The queen can move forward and backward and has the right to move multiple squares at once. In addition, the queen can capture multiple pieces at the same time.

The goal of this Checkers game is to capture all of the opponent's pieces or make the opponent unable to move.