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Reversi is an online chess game to flip your opponent's pieces to make them yours. If you still don't understand the rules, move on to the details below.

2 Modes Of Reversi

This online chess-arranging game includes two modes: Classic and Custom.

  • Classic Mode takes you to an 8x8 playing board with 6 pieces. There are 3 black pieces and 3 white pieces on the screen. You can choose a color to represent you and enter an official Reversi match.
  • Custom Mode has the same gameplay as Classic Mode. However, you can adjust the number of squares on the playing boards. You can adjust from 4x4, 6x6, 8x8, 10x10, 12x12, 14x14, and 16x16. The more squares there are, the more challenging the Reversi match becomes.

In addition, these two modes have a similar feature: including 1 Player and 2 Players mode.

How to Play Reversi Online

Like Spider Solitaire Blue, this new game is a puzzle game with the basic principles of moving and capturing pieces.

How To Move Chess Pieces

Two players in Reversi will take turns by placing an additional piece on the playing board. When it's your turn, place one of your pieces in an empty space on the board. Your pieces must occupy a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal row. Besides, you must capture at least one of your opponent's pieces.

How To Capture Pieces In Reversi

You can capture your opponent's pieces if you meet the game's requirements. You need to place your pieces so that there are opponent pieces in the middle. After using two of your pieces to cover the opponent's pieces in the middle, you can turn over the opponent's pieces. All pieces in the captured sequence will be changed color to your current color.

This Reversi game will end if there are no more empty spaces on the board. The player with the most pieces wins.