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Something about Cut The Rope 2

Cut The Rope 2 is a puzzle game that requires your estimating skills. Your mission is to help a cute monster eat candy by cutting the ropes.

The main character in this game is a green monster but it's friendly and cute. Its name is Om Nom and its favorite food is candy. However, the candy is roped in a high position, so you just need to cut these ropes. However, Om Nom just stands in one place. Therefore, you need to estimate the distance and time the candy rolls into Om Nom's mouth. This game is as fun as a famous game called Gun Fest.

How to pass levels in Cut The Rope 2

This game provides many levels to you. You only pass a level after Om Nom eats candy. Therefore, you only conquer this game when you ensure Om Nom eats all the candy.

Help Om Nom to eat candy

You can see a candy in the air which is tied by some ropes. You just need to cut these ropes by using the mouse. However, sometimes you have to solve some puzzles. Some objects can prevent the candy rolls from Om Nom. It's time to observe and plan a strategy to take advantage of these objects. For example, using some wooden bars to lead the candy to Om Nom's mouth. Let's determine which wire you should cut first!

Collect three stars

In each level, three stars are put at random positions. The candy just rolls through these stars, then you can collect them. You don't need to get all stars to complete a level but these stars can help you earn more coins. With these coins, you can purchase some interesting things such as new characters, powers, etc in the shop.