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Some information about Gun Fest

Gun Fest is a puzzle game where you have to solve math problems. You need to increase your number of guns by moving through the math portal.

This game is inspired by a running game but you also need to be good at calculating to conquer this game. There are many levels with tons of obstacles on the way. You need to control some guns to move on the road which has many math portals. Your number of guns can decrease or increase depending on these portals. You also have to face many opponents and you need to defeat them. If you like running games, you can’t skip 3D Dinosaur Game.

How to play Gun Fest

The more guns you have, the higher your chances of winning. Therefore, you should choose the suitable math portals in this game.

Select the suitable portals

Each portal has a math problem on it. It can be plus 2 or minus 2, etc. You should choose the portal which can increase your number of guns. Sometimes, both of the two portals make your number of guns decrease. It's better to choose the portal which causes less damage. The guns always move forward, so you don't have much time to think.

Purchase new weapons

In the beginning, only one kind of weapon is available. This weapon isn't too powerful but you can buy stronger weapons in the shop. Of course, you need to earn enough cash before unlocking new weapons. You also can watch some advertisements to unlock these weapons without paying.