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Water Sort is an online puzzle game with tubes and colorful water. Let's split water of the same color into the same tube to complete challenging puzzles! How many levels can you conquer with this game's puzzles?

Conquer Puzzle Levels

In Water Sort, you will face puzzles with tubes and water. There are many tubes on the playing screen. In these tubes, you will see waters of different colors. They are mixed together. To complete a level, you need to divide water of the same color into the same tube. The number of completed tubes corresponds to the number of water types.

To conquer these puzzles more easily, the game also provides you with empty tubes. You can fill these tubes with any type of water to start. However, after that, you need to follow a rule of the game.

A Rule of Water Sort

This online game requires color uniformity. You can only sort waters of the same color into the same tube. It is impossible to divide two different colored waters together. Therefore, you should think carefully before moving.

If you face too much difficulty with this rule, you can use either of the game's supports. You can add more empty tubes or use the Back button to return to the beginning. Normally, the number of added tubes is limited while the number of Back use is endless.