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Take on extreme challenges and test your skills in Worlds Hardest Game to avoid moving obstacles and reach the safe green zone. 30 levels are waiting for you!

Extreme Challenges

In Worlds Hardest Game, extreme challenges in 30 levels will test your control ability.

These challenges are represented through obstacles and the structure of the map. Obstacles are constantly moving, so players have only one way: skillfully move through dangers. Therefore, the players' agility and quick reactions are put to a test.

In addition, the levels in Worlds Hardest Game have maps with complex maze structures.

Green Zones In Worlds Hardest Game

In this online game the green zone is the only safe area. All other areas contain the dangers and challenges of Worlds Hardest Game. Therefore, this area is always the target of all players.

Each level, there are two green zones. One area is for the start and the other is for the finish. Players need to move from one green zone to another to complete a level.

Like Geometry Dash Breeze, this Worlds Hardest Game is also a running adventure game, but each game has its own appeal.