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Spider Solitaire Blue


Spider Solitaire Blue is an online card game with Spider Solitaire gameplay on a blue background. Can you arrange the cards in their correct order?

About This Spider Solitaire Version

Coming to this solitaire version, players can experience familiar card matches. How to play and win is similar to other spider solitaire versions. However, there are a few standout features in Spider Solitaire Blue.

First, this online game stands out with its blue background. Players always feel comfortable with this color. As a result, card matches become even more entertaining. Second, this solitaire game offers 3 modes with different suits. You can choose 2, 3, or 4 suits for your matches.

More Details About Spider Solitaire Blue

The details of this online game focus mainly on its gameplay.

How to Play This Spider Solitaire Edition

Spider Solitaire Blue game offers similar gameplay to other Spider Solitaire games. The players' task is to arrange the cards from K to A to complete a sequence. With each successful sequence, you can remove them and get closer to victory. After removing all the cards on the playing screen, you win.

How To Control Spider Solitaire Blue

Use your mouse to move cards and put them on your target position.

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