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Sliding Squares


Sliding Squares is a speed game with square blocks. Move a square to a square of the same color to remove this line while avoiding reaching the screen top.

Sliding Squares Gameplay

This new game will take you to a world of endless squares. In the Cubes 2048 game, you also play with these squares, but the two games have different gameplay. Let's learn about the gameplay of Sliding Squares to find the differences!

How To Get Scores With Squares

In Sliding Squares, players will be provided with endless squares. Squares will be continuously added to the screen from the bottom. They will form a row of 5 squares with 5 different colors: red, purple, green, blue, and yellow.

Based on these colors, you need to move a square at the top to match a square below. These two squares need to be the same color to remove a row of squares.

When Sliding Squares Ends

This online game will end if the squares reach the top of the screen. In the early stages, squares are added slowly but things will get faster in the later stages. Therefore, you need to quickly move the squares to avoid reaching the top.

How To Control The Square

To move a square in Sliding Squares, you just need to use the mouse to click on the target square.