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Word Hurdle


Word Hurdle gives you 6 chances to find a 6-letter word every day. Can you find this target word without any hints from this online word game?

About Word Hurdle

Welcome to this new Wordle game on our Uno Online website! Coming to this online game, you can experience an interesting vocabulary game where you search for a word without any hints from the game. This random guess will bring you surprises and fun. Next, let's get to how to play Word Hurdle.

How To Find The Target Word

The Word Hurdle game screen will display a blank 6x6 letter grid. Your task is to predict and fill in the 6-letter words in the squares. You can fill in any word in these squares. After that, press the Enter button to check whether your word is correct or incorrect.

Based on the color of the letters, you can know the correctness of your word.

Colors In Word Hurdle

There are 3 main colors in the word-guessing game: blue, gray, and yellow. If you often play word-finding games, you can easily recognize these colors.

Blue represents correct letters while gray represents incorrect letters. Yellow has a special meaning in the Word Hurdle. The yellow letters are in the target word but they are in the wrong place.

Differences Compared to Other Word Games

This Word Hurdle game is the only one that focuses on 6-letter words. Other games of the same genre often focus on 5-letter words. Therefore, this Word Hurdle game is a great opportunity for you to experience new gameplay.