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Classic Uno


Classic Uno is a classic card game that maintains all the basic elements of the Uno game. Are you ready to play with 3 other players and remove your cards?

Classic Card Game

The classic card game is a popular game genre in the online gaming world today. There are many related games and Uno Online is a good example. This Uno game allows you to play uno on online platforms with a diverse number of players. You can play with 1, 2, or 3 other players.

This Classic Uno game is different because it has a fixed number of players. Each match always includes 4 participants and it ends when a single winner is found.

How To Win Classic Uno

To win this Uno game, the players need to achieve the following rule.

Rules of Victory

Classic Uno's winning rule is to remove all cards before other players. If other players can complete the removal before you, you will lose. This ending is undesirable and the players always want to be the winner. To achieve this goal, let's learn about removing cards.

Remove Cards In Classic Uno

To remove cards, players will move in order. When it's your turn, you need to use a card of the same color or number. Those are valid cards. Besides, you can also use special cards such as Change Color, Change Circle, or Ban. Special cards will make Classic Uno more interesting.