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Spider Solitaire is a card game with 3 decks, including 1 suit, 2 suits, and 4 suits. In addition, you can choose one of 4 difficulty levels to arrange cards. Because this game belongs to the puzzle genre, you have to face many challenges to complete a match.

Matches In Spider Solitaire

The matches in this online game depend on the choices of the players before participating in the official matches. Players can make two main choices about game type and difficulty.

  • In terms of game type, you can choose one of three options: 1 suit, 2 suits, and 4 suits. 1 suit will only give you black cards while 2 suits will give you both red and black cards. 4 suits will be similar to 2 suits, but the number of cards will be doubled.
  • In terms of difficulty, players can choose one of four options: Easy, Medium, Hard, and Random. The first 3 options are familiar to online players as the difficulty of the matches will gradually increase. Random mode is a special mode where the game will give you random difficulty.

How To Gain Victory In Matches

To win the matches, you need to arrange the cards in order from K to A. When you arrange enough suits, the game will end and you win the match. In each match, you will have spare cards to use when there are no moves left.