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Mahjong is an online board game version of the traditional mahjong. In this volume, there are 60+ available boards for you to match the same tiles together!

Coming to this online game, players can choose a board based on their interests.

Mahjong Board Selection

How many ways do you think there are for mahjong? 1, 2, 3, or 4? On our uno online website, the arrangements are endless to bring interesting experiences to players.

Representing those endless arrangements, you can see 60+ boards on the main screen. Players can choose any of these boards without ordering.

Each board will have different tiles and structures. Players may notice this difference in the names and designs such as Turtle, Fly, Dragon, Arena, Bridge, Kitty, and many more. Don't hesitate to choose the right Mahjong board and conquer it!

Mode And Start The Game

Another option in this online Mahjong game is mode before players start the game.

Online Mahjong Modes

There are 3 main modes in this new board game including Easy, Standard, and Expert.

These modes differ in supporting tools such as Hint, Undo, and Shuffle. In Easy mode, you can use all 3 tools while Shuffle will be removed in Standard mode. In Expert mode, players will face the toughest challenge with no support.

Start The Mahjong Game

After choosing the board and mode, players can start the official game to match tiles. The requirement is to connect two identical tiles and remove all tiles on the board. Note that players can only click on the outermost Mahjong tiles.