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Google Solitaire


Play Google Solitaire to test your abilities after intense Uno Online multiplayer matches. These single-player card games are more attractive than you think.

2 Modes In Google Solitaire

This new card game has two modes: Easy and Hard. Start the game, the game will ask you about these two modes immediately. You can choose any mode for upcoming games. Of course, the difficulty of these two modes is different to bring diversity to Google Solitaire matches.

This difficulty division also helps players choose the right mode for themselves. It is a utility that comes from the Google card version.

How To Play Solitaire

This Google version also has the same card gameplay as the regular versions.

Google Solitaire Gameplay

Entering this card game, the players are provided with cards which are arranged randomly. They are divided into 7 columns and 1 archive. Your task is to arrange the cards in descending order. If you cannot continue moving, you can get more cards from the storage.

Notes When Arranging Cards

This Google Solitaire game only allows cards of different colors to be arranged next to each other. In addition, the game will not have a time limit but it will still calculate the total time to complete a card match.