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Super Mario Uno is an online card game with a popular Super Mario theme. Let's play fun uno matches with classic gameplay while enjoying iconic Mario images.

The Mario Theme

Welcome to this Super Mario Uno game! Coming to online games, players can enjoy a special theme: Super Mario. Besides the familiar uno cards with 4 colors, you can see images of Mario. Although these images are not related to the matches, they help make the game more interesting.

When playing this Super Mario Uno game, players are extremely excited about the cards. These players are excited because of Mario, a memorable childhood character. In particular, Mario is shown in many different situations so players find it even more interesting.

Details Of Super Mario Uno

This uno game highlight has a Super Mario theme, but it maintains the familiar uno gameplay.

How to Play Uno with Super Mario

The gameplay of Super Mario Uno is similar to Uno Online where you remove all of your cards to win. The cards have different roles based on color, numbers, and signals. To use a card, you need to make sure they are the same number or color. In particular, there are special cards that turn prohibition, color changes, or direction changes.

Super Mario Uno Mode

There are three modes in Super Mario Uno: 2, 3, and 4. Each mode allows a different number of players, so matches have different challenges.