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Solitaire Match is a card game with 10-sum gameplay. Select cards on the playing screen to create sums of 10 to collect coins and build your city.

About Solitaire Match

This card game still offers players battles with cards. However, the number of players and gameplay are completely different from previous games.

Number of Card Players

You can play with other players in Super Mario Uno while this card game only allows one player. Players will challenge their abilities alone to arrange the cards.

With this number of players, you cannot compete with other players. Instead, you will challenge yourself with the challenges of the Solitaire Match game. If you are a fan of peace games, this new solitaire game is extremely suitable.

Solitaire Match Gameplay

This solitaire game has completely different gameplay than previous card games. This online game will provide you with random cards. Your task is to get the cards to reach a total of 10. Once the total is 10, those cards will be removed and you will receive coins to build the city.

Build a City From Coins

With the amount of collected coins, you can upgrade the city and unlock castles. This feature of Solitaire Match brings entertaining moments. City building is an extra task, so the players can decide whether to do it or not.