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Uno Heroes


Uno Heroes is a new uno online version with new features such as limited time and hero characters. Become card heroes to fight other players!

Start Uno Heroes

Welcome to the new online game where you can play UNO in a new style. This style is expressed through two prominent elements: the hero character and the time limit.

Heroic Characters

Uno Heroes game offers you many heroic characters such as Spider-Man, Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Wolverine, and many others. Before you start playing uno, you can choose any character to represent you. However, some characters are free while the rest are locked. You need to earn coins from uno matches to unlock those characters.

This character is unique in Uno Heroes. Other uno games do not have this feature.

Uno Heroes Limited Time

Each turn is limited by time. If you think for too long, you will lose your move.

To keep track of time, look at your avatar. A neon light circle represents your time. If this light circle ends, your time will also run out.

How to Play This Uno Version

The Uno Heroes gameplay is similar to Uno Multiplayer. You need to remove all your cards based on color and numbers. If you have one last card left, press the Uno button. Otherwise, you must receive two penalty cards.