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Test your Brain: Tricky Puzzles Halloween


Test your Brain: Tricky Puzzles Halloween is a puzzle game that challenges your intelligence during Halloween. How many levels of this puzzle game can you pass? Let's join and solve each puzzle in 2 modes!

2 Modes In Test your Brain: Tricky Puzzles Halloween

This new Test your Brain game gives you two different modes: Normal and Halloween. Each mode will have different themes.

Normal Mode In Test your Brain: Tricky Puzzles Halloween

This normal mode will bring you hundreds of different regular puzzles. The quizzes will belong to different fields and the answers are sometimes different from common knowledge. Let's follow some typical puzzles to visualize how this online game is played.

  • Which one is the biggest: This puzzle is the first puzzle to feature lions, elephants, mice, zebras, and orangutans. Which animal will you choose? Elephants? No, the answer is lion because the image of the lion in the game is the biggest.
  • How to blossom this flower: The next question comes to you with a flower and clouds. To make the flower bloom, move the clouds in search of the sun. The sun will help your flowers bloom quickly.
  • Put the elephant into the fridge: This task is difficult because the elephant is very big. However, nothing is impossible in this online game. You just need to open the refrigerator door and place the elephant in the refrigerator to complete the task.

The next puzzles will appear immediately after you finish solving a puzzle in normal mode.

Halloween Mode

This mode is similar to the Normal mode because you will also solve challenging puzzles. However, the puzzles in this mode will be clearly inspired by Halloween.

For example, at level 1, you will see an image of Dracula with a little boy in the dark. Your mission is to protect the boy from Dracula. Familiar Halloween-related images will appear and wait for you to discover solutions.

Some Hints For You

In Test your Brain: Tricky Puzzles Halloween, you can get hints from the game. However, these suggestions are not free. Instead, you need light bulbs to use. The light bulbs are your prizes after completing the puzzles.

Besides getting hints from the game, you can also join this puzzle game with other players to find answers together. After playing this game, another exciting Halloween called Merge Pumpkin is also ready for you to experience.