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Merge Pumpkin is a new game for this Halloween when you can merge ingredients and fruits together to get closer to spooky pumpkins for this special holiday. This online game is like an evolutionary process between items.

Merge Pumpkin To Evolve

This online game will describe the evolutionary process of creating a giant pumpkin. However, it is not completely true to reality. Instead, the evolutions in the game are just simulations to fit the game's gameplay.

When participating in this new game, you can click on any item on the screen. After each click, new items will be added to the playing field, so the game screen will quickly be filled with items. To avoid ending the game, you need to click on similar items to merge them. After merging, a new item will appear with a larger size. That's why this game is considered an evolutionary process. Click on the appropriate locations and create a pumpkin for this Halloween.

Other Features Of This Halloween Game

Besides the merging gameplay, you can enjoy endless gameplay because the game has no time limit. You can think carefully until you make wise decisions to merge. Besides, the game is a single game so you can only play alone. This is an ideal game for you to enjoy the peaceful Halloween atmosphere before participating in trick-or-treating trips. Enjoy your Halloween!