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Uno 2022


Uno 2022 is the online Uno 2022 version with familiar card-removing gameplay of this famous game series. Your task is still to remove the cards to win.

The 2022 Version

Welcome to Uno 2022 where you can enjoy this year's edition! In the following years, players can enjoy subsequent versions with new features.

With the 2022 version, players can enjoy many of the outstanding UNO features.

Outstanding UNO Features

First, in Uno 2022, you can compete with other players to remove cards. Players need to remove all cards to win a UNO match. If you lose a match, you can advance to the next Uno 2022 matches.

Second, Uno matches have familiar cards with colors and numbers. In addition, you can also see special cards such as color-changing cards, turn-changing cards, and forbidden cards. Each UNO card brings different effects.

Uno 2022 Special

This new version gives you 2 modes: Computer and Players. These two modes have the same gameplay but the opponents are different. Different opponents will bring diverse challenges to players.

Another UNO Game

Besides Uno 2022, players can enjoy Uno Heroes for exciting uno matches. The UNO world is very diverse and interesting. Players can play each game on our Uno Online website for entertaining experiences.