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Geometry Dash SubZero


Geometry Dash SubZero gives you the Press Start level to continue your races with geometric figures against dangers and new indispensable elements.

Familiar Features In Geometry Dash SubZero

In this new online game, you continue to become a geometry with many different states like Cube, Ship, Ball, Wave, or UFO. Each character will have a different ability to move and you will see the change after each time you go through the portal. Moreover, these characters are still equipped with many unique costumes and they are free for you to choose from.

Besides the characters, the gameplay and controls are the same as in previous versions. You will still transform into a character and start your journey against spikes, blocks, and saws. These obstacles will destroy your character with a single collision. Therefore, choose the spacebar, up arrow, or left mouse button to control your character in the most convenient way.

These two features are extremely familiar to fans of the Geometry Dash series. All geometry versions contain these two features. Characters, gameplay, and controls are considered the three constant elements of this series. If you are curious about these features, you can join other geometry versions and experience them. A good idea is Geometry Dash Lite where you can experience 15 different levels. The number of levels is much larger than Geometry Dash SubZero, so players also have more opportunities to show off their control abilities.

New Indispensable Elements

New elements will be clearly shown through the Press Start level. Like Uno Online, this geometry dash edition has only level. Coming to this new level, the challenges seem to rise to a new level. In particular, the winter theme with vivid effects will bring you interesting experiences. Some effects will make your race more difficult. For example, earthquakes can make you panic to move. Let's learn more details about this press-start level.

Theme Of Press-Start Level

This Geometry Dash SubZero game has a winter theme. This winter is full of snow, ice, and strong winds. You can see this feature through obstacles with white snow. The spikes are icicles formed with a characteristic triangular shape. Besides, the winds also affect Geometry Dash SubZero when you transform into a Ship or UFO character. These two characters have the flying ability, so they are strongly affected by the winds. Running characters like Cube, Spider, or Ball will not be affected much by winter winds.

Color Festival Of Geometry Dash SubZero

In addition to the winter theme, this geometry game also brings you a color festival. In particular, the main colors are neon colors to create a vibrant platform environment. These colors will change with each move. This magical transformation promises to bring exciting adventures to players.

Besides, this geometric color festival also has vibrant sounds to stir up the atmosphere. This unique Geometry Dash SubZero world will erase all your fatigue after a long working day.