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Play Geometry Dash Lite to immerse into a gaming geometric world and test your controlling abilities through 15 levels from 1 star to 15 stars.

About The Geometry Series

The Geometry series is a famous online game series with many versions such as Geometry Dash 2. All versions focus on the character Cube's journey through the platform world. Your character will adventure in this dangerous world with countless traps.

However, each geometry version offers different journeys through iconic levels and themes. For example, when you join the Geometry Dash SubZero game, you can enter a press-up level with a winter theme. On the contrary, this Geometry Dash Lite game offers 15 levels with 15 different themes such as desert, electronics, machinery, or circles. Each level corresponds to a different difficulty and topic.

More Details About Geometry Lite

Geometry Dash Lite Difficulty

Typically, Geometry versions often have a certain difficulty level that is calculated based on the number of stars. In this Geometry Lite version, players can also see this feature clearly. At the top right corner, there is always the number of stars. In order, the levels are from 1 star to 15 stars. Of course, the level with 15 stars is the most difficult level. That level is Electrodynamix.

Geometry Controls

Geometry Dash Lite's control method is to use the spacebar, up arrow, or left mouse button. When you use one of these 3 keys, your cube will jump to conquer obstacles and traps.