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Geometry Dash 2 is the second version of the Geometry Dash series where your geometry continues to jump through the series of blocks and spikes.

This new game will open up to all players a new Geometry Dash world. Are you ready to join thrilling jumping adventures in this second version?

Levels In Geometry Dash 2

Geometry Dash games are usually divided into many different levels and this second version is similar. Players can also challenge their control abilities through 5 levels corresponding to 5 worlds.

With each world, this Geometry Dash 2 game will take you on different adventures with platforms, spikes, and blocks. Any arrangement will never be repeated in this geometric world.

Besides the different arrangements, other elements such as gameplay and controls are the same throughout all 5 levels. Therefore, players can easily conquer the challenges of this new Geometry Dash version.

How To Conquer This New Geometry Dash Version

This version of Geometry Dash 2 will give you a great experience with challenges. To conquer the game, players must conquer challenges in each level.

Geometry Dash 2 Challenges

Challenges come from platforms, spikes, and blocks. These objects are familiar to fans of the Geometry Dash series.

The platforms will be where you move and perform beautiful jumping moves. Blocks and spikes are dangerous to your geometry because they will destroy your character. If you want to conquer Geometry Dash 2, you need to complete conquering these two challenges.

How To Control Your Second Geometry

The controls in Geometry Dash 2 are similar to previous versions where you can use the mouse to jump.