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Solitaire Classic


Solitaire Classic requires players to arrange a single deck of cards into standard suits. What is the shortest time you can complete this deck?

Solitaire Online Games

Solitaire is a famous card game in the gaming world with hundreds of different versions. One of the famous games of the Solitaire genre is Spider Solitaire with 2+ outstanding decks. You can choose up to 4 decks for one play, so the challenge will increase many times.

Despite the popularity of upgraded versions, this Solitaire Classic version still dominates the online world. The appeal of this game is shown through its popularity and approach towards players.

Play Solitaire Classic

Welcome to the classic version with classic card battles! Let's review some of the features and gameplay of this Solitaire Classic game!

What to Do with a Deck

What would you do with a deck of cards in Solitaire Classic? This is a common question for new players and it is understandable.

A deck of cards will include 4 suits: Spades, Hearts, Hearts, and Diamonds. However, during the arrangement process, you only need to pay attention to the colors of these cards including red and black. Place cards of opposite colors in descending order to complete a suit from K to A. After completing 4 suits, this Solitaire Classic game will end.

Features Of This Card Game

This Solitaire Classic game will have no time limit for all the players to take on the challenges. In addition, there are hidden cards which you can turn over and use them. The game allows you to turn over hidden cards many times in order to choose the right card.