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Spaces Solitaire


Spaces Solitaire is a fun card game where you can swap the positions of cards to arrange them into complete decks. However, you need to follow the rules.

Card-Changing Rules

Welcome to Spaces Solitaire, a unique card game! In this online game, you need to arrange the cards in order from A to King. This online gameplay seems similar to Klondike Solitaire, but it is not. In Spaces Solitaire, you need to change the position of the cards.

To change the position of the cards, you must ensure 2 factors.

  • The card has the same suit as the card on the left.
  • The card is one unit larger than the card on the left.

In addition, there is space to move cards. If you can ensure these conditions, you can move the card to other positions. When you move the cards, don't forget to think carefully to achieve your goal. It is impossible to undo the previous move.

Tips For Spaces Solitaire

This online game is a brain game where you need to think carefully to arrange the cards.

Tips To Arrange Cards

To move a card, you need to follow the rules of Spaces Solitaire. However, there is an easier way to move the cards. Players should look at the empty positions on the playing screen because you can only move cards to these positions. The empty slots are much less than the number of cards, so you can focus more.

After that, look at the cards to the left of those empty spots. Then, find standard cards for these cards. However, before moving, you should also think about whether this move is appropriate.

Supports Of Spaces Solitaire

This new game gives you three assists: change the position of two cards together, provide hints, or swap full screen. The amount of this support is limited, so you should use it wisely.