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Fruit Ninja is a classic game for singleplayer to slice fruits and avoid bombs. The matches in this game are always aimed at the highest possible achievements.

This game has been released and developed for a long time, but it has always maintained its position in the list of top games. Where does this attraction come from? Let's learn about this online game to better understand!

Fruit Ninja Attracive Points

This online game has a lot of attractive points from graphics, mode, and sound. The game's graphics are always an impressive feature when the developer always refines the visual elements. The fruits are varied and colorful. Besides, the sharpness of the image also never disappoints the players. In particular, you can see great effects when cutting fruit. Your slashes will create sparks and split the fruit in an instant.

Moreover, the sound of Fruit Ninja is also a highlight when it is always ninja style. Sounds of flutes always appear to remind of the ninja character.

Finally, this Fruit Ninja game doesn't have many elements because the game will only give you Classic mode. This mode allows you to play endlessly until you lose all your lives. Besides the Mode button, you can set the sound for the game. To install, or select an option, simply slash the symbols.

Key Features Of Gameplay

The gameplay of this Fruit Ninja game is the most impressive feature. It can even give you the thrilling feeling of running at Temple Run 2. You will race against fruits and bombs. They will be continuously thrown from below. Quickly slash the fruits to get points and avoid the bombs to stay safe. Each type of fruit will give you 1 point. However, when you slash the fruits continuously, you will get bonus points. If you miss a fruit, you lose a life. After losing 3 lives, the game will end with your total score. Note, slashing a bomb will cause the game to end immediately.