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Lines FRVR


Lines FRVR is an online dots-connecting game with thousands of levels daily. Let's connect dots of the same color and fill the entire game board.

Lines FRVR Menu

Welcome to the new puzzle game on our website! Previously, you could enjoy many different game genres such as action, shooting, adventure, or arcade. Each genre will have an outstanding online game like Five Nights at Freddy's 3 of the survival genre. Now, our website offers an outstanding game for the puzzle genre, called Lines FRVR.

Coming to this online game, players can enjoy thousands of levels daily. However, before getting to the main stages, let's take a look at the categories in the main menu.

In the Menu of Lines FRVR, you can choose Restart level, To the map, and Settings. The most prominent category is To the map where you can track your playing progress day by day with your bronze, silver, and gold stars.

Dots-Connecting Matches

This Lines FRVR game has connect gameplay and the main object is dots. When connecting the dots, you need to meet some game requirements.

Lines FRVR Requirements

The first requirement is to connect 2 dots of the same color. It is impossible to create a line with two dots of different colors.

Second, you also need to pay attention to the board requirements of this Lines FRVR game. You need to fill all the paths on the board to complete a level.

The levels will become more and more challenging with a larger number of dots and more complex maps. In addition, the mode you choose also affects the difficulty of levels in Lines FRVR.

Connecting Mode for Every Day

As mentioned above, you can track the number of stars of 3 different types. Each type represents a mode of Lines FRVR including Simple, Normal, and Hard. If you participate in Hard mode, you can get the most prestigious gold stars.

To choose your favorite mode, go to Menu, select To the map and click on that day. After that, 3 modes of Lines FRVR will appear for you to choose from.