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Advertisement is a strategy game with simple graphics where players will try to occupy as much land as possible to defeat other players and gain dominance.

This online game gives you a huge battlefield where you can fight with 500+ players. Let's learn about this interesting game together!'s Two Modes

This game belongs to the strategy genre where you need to have excellent strategies to win the matches. Like Uno Online, your matches will be divided into two different modes. Singleplayer

Two modes of this online game are based on your opponent, including Singleplayer and Multiplayer.

In single-player mode, you will fight against bot opponents. Battles in this mode are usually simple and easy to win because your opponent won't have many battles to attack and they often use the usual rules of thumb: attack neighboring lands. Knowing this rule, you can come up with suitable strategies to fight and defeat them. Moreover, in this mode, there are many derelict lands, you can make these lands first to quickly expand the area of your territory. Join this mode to practice and improve your fighting ability before progressing to the next mode!

Multiplayer Mode

In Multiplayer mode, you will officially enter intense matches where online players will fight and compete with each other. Because your opponents are real players, the battles will become more difficult. They can use many tactics and also have talented players. These opponents are extremely challenging to beat. Therefore, it is beneficial to practice in Singleplayer mode before progressing to this challenge mode.

This multiplayer gameplay also appears in Fish Eat Fish where you transform into a small fish and compete with other players to become the leading fish in the deep ocean. The multiplayer gameplay is always attractive to players because you can compete with others and show your skills to all players in the world.

Gameplay In Both 2 Modes

Both of these modes follow a single gameplay that you can apply to all battles. Every time you join a match, you need to consider many factors including your land, your strength, and the opponents.

  • Lands are the lands on the map. Your map will be an area of the world like Europe, Asia, Oceania, etc. After selecting a map, you will proceed to select a location for your plot by clicking on a desired location. Other plots of land will belong to competitors or they will be vacant land. Vacant lands are easy to occupy. However, you need to be stronger than other players to take their lands.
  • Your strength will be shown in a rectangle at the top of the main screen. In this rectangle, you will see the area of your plot. In addition, the surrounding borders also show indicators of the amount of money, the number of troops in your land, and the number of troops that are being used to attack. These stats can change continuously during the game. You need to pay attention to the colors: red and green to seize the right opportunity to attack. If your army force at the base is too small, it will be impossible to attack.
  • Your number of opponents can be as high as 500 and they will all compete for the top spot and dominate the entire map. To achieve this goal, good strategies are always a top priority. You can attack or cooperate with other players to carry out his plan. You can even attack with the sea. All of these operations can be done easily by clicking on the target opponent and selecting the corresponding button.