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Fish Eat Fish


About Fish Eat Fish

Play Fish Eat Fish to become the ocean king by eating smaller fish and increasing your size. Other fish are all your enemies with the control of other players.

Fish-Eating Gameplay

This Fish Eat Fish game brings fish-eating gameplay to all players. You and other players will transform into a small-sized fish. At this time, you can only eat other sea creatures. After that, your fish will gradually grow to a larger size. With larger size, you can eat smaller fish. Eating smaller fish will help you gain size faster.

However, there are always bigger fish and they will hunt you. If you don't want to be destroyed, run away when you see bigger fish.

Note that fish with nearly the same score cannot attack each other. Your score needs to be significantly greater than your opponent's score.

How To Control Fish Eating Fish

The way to control your fish is to use your mouse. This is the only way to control Fish Eat Fish on the computer. If you play on touch devices, you can use your fingers to touch and move.

Another Multiplayer Fighting Game

In addition to Fish Eat Fish, there are many multiplayer fighting games. A good example is Hungry Shark Arena where you can also become an ocean hegemon. However, this Hungry Shark Arena game will end when you become the last surviving shark.