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Four In A Row


Play Four In A Row online and choose one of three modes to start intelligence tests. Try to create a line of 4 discs before your opponent to gain victory.

3 Four In A Row Modes

The Four In A Row game offers 3 modes for all players: Online Player, Two Player, and Play vs Computer. The difference between these modes is your opponent.

If you choose Online Player mode, you will randomly connect with another player to challenge. Meanwhile, Two Player mode allows players to invite another player to play on the same device. Finally, Play vs Computer mode will have an AI opponent, a formidable opponent with smart strategies.

Players can choose any mode and change decisions according to their wishes.

How To Play This Puzzle Game

This Four In A Row game also belongs to the puzzle genre like the Crossword game and it will also have playing rules.

How To Start Four In A Row

To start an official match, players need to choose a name and color for their disc first. The name can be free while the color of your disc will be one of the 14 available colors.

After choosing these two factors, don't forget to choose your favorite mode and the Four In A Row game will take you to the official matches.

Official Matches With Discs

In Four In A Row, players will use discs to place on an empty board. The players' goal is to form a row of 4 discs horizontally, vertically or diagonally.