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Text Twist


Text Twist is an online letter-unscrambling game that forms words from available letters within a given time. How many words can you write in this limited time?

Main Screen Of Text Twist

On the main screen of this puzzle game, players can see all the main parts.

First, 6 letters are available in the center. These are the letters available to players to create meaningful words. Then, above these letters, there are 6 corresponding boxes to place the target letters in and form words.

Next, you can see a series of boxes on the left. This is the location for the correct words. After the time runs out, all words will be displayed in this section.

Finally, don't forget to observe your time and score below. This game is a great puzzle game and players also enjoy Tangram Grid, another game for intelligence tests.

Letter-Arranging Gameplay

This Text Twist game offers letter-arranging gameplay. Let's learn about the features of this gameplay together!

How To Arrange In Text Twist

It is easy to arrange letters because the players just need to click on the available letters. After clicking, the letters will be moved to the box above. When you are satisfied with your word, press the Enter button to complete the arrangement of letters. If the word is correct, you will receive points from the Text Twist game.

Rules About the Created Words

  • Your words just need to make sense.
  • These words can have from 2 to 6 letters.
  • You cannot repeat any letter twice.
  • Text Twist players can return letters to their original positions before pressing Enter.