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Tangram Grid


Tangram Grid is a puzzle game with dozens of different levels. With blocks of different shapes, you need to arrange them on an available board.

High Level of Challenge

This Tangram Grid game offers players many levels with different levels of challenge. However, they all have one common feature: high difficulty. From level 1, you will encounter many challenges in arranging a board. In the next levels, you will face even more difficulties.

However, that is the appeal of the Tangram Grid. Millions of players participate in puzzle games to entertain and test their intelligence and thinking ability through levels

Tangram Grid Levels

At each level, the game will provide you with the same conditions and gameplay. They only differ in the difficulty of the Tangram Grid.

Conditions for Arranging Blocks

When entering a level of Tangram Grid, players will see the blocks first. These blocks stand out because they have eye-catching colors. The number of colors is about to be larger than Coreball where you see 4 unique colors: black, white, red, and green.

Next, there is a whiteboard in the middle of the screen. This whiteboard is where you do the gameplay of this puzzle game.

Tangram Grid Gameplay

Arrange the blocks on the board so that they can fill the board. Besides, players also need to be careful to avoid placing them on top of each other.