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In Google Minesweeper, players place flags and click to find hidden numbers while avoiding bombs to keep winning points. Flags will bring more points!

Google Minesweeper Intro

Welcome to a judgment and logic game with numbers! Minesweeper is known as a classic game for players to find hidden numbers and avoid bombs. Coming to this online game, players can play in many modes with many consecutive games.

In terms of the Google version, Minesweeper still retains its unique gameplay and controls. The striking difference is the graphics of these number-finding matches. A green background and familiar Google icons will appear in all matches. Players can easily recognize these features at Google Minesweeper. Now, let's take a closer look at this arcade game with its principles and gameplay.

Details About This Google Version

In Google Minesweeper, players are like miners in Mr Mine to find the numbers.

Number-Finding Mission

On the playing field, Google Minesweeper players need to find the hidden numbers in the green squares. To open a square, simply click on that square with the left mouse button.

Effect Of Google Minesweeper Flag

Players can right-click to place a flag. When you open the square with this flag, players will receive additional points if it is a safe square.