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Mr Mine starts a mining game for you to explore 3 new worlds with various minerals and isotopes. let's start digging down and open new worlds!

Coming to this game, your world will revolve around Earth, Moon, and Titan.

Earth, Moon, And Titan

Earth, Moon, And Titan are three worlds in this Mr Mine game. These worlds are at different depths and you need to use a drill to unlock these worlds. Starting the game, the Earth world is open to you. Then, you will drill to reach the Moon world, and finally, the Titan world.

  • The Earth will give you 12 minerals and 9 isotopes such as Californium, Red Diamond, Black Opal, Uranium, Plutonium, and Polonium.
  • The Moon world is 1000 km from Earth and it will give you 8 minerals and 8 isotopes such as Ytterbium, Neodymium, Promethium, Helium, Einsteinium, and Fermium.
  • Titan world is 750 km away from Moon world and it gives you 9 minerals and 6 isotopes such as Cobalt, Benitoite, and Alexandrite. In particular, it contains some of the most mysterious isotopes such as Antimatter, Dark Matter, and Dark Energy1.

Play Mr Mine Game From Start

Click the New Game button and enter your name to start this game. After that, you can proceed to the underground world to start your journey of mining and discovery. Look down underground, you will see different geological layers. In those geological strata, there will be minerals. Click on these items to harvest them. This gameplay is completely similar to Capybara Clicker and these items will also give you a source of income.

With mineral income, you can hire more workers in the Hire Center section to automate the mining process and upgrade your drill in the Craft Center section. In the Craft Center, you will see blueprints, and recipes made from many different materials. When you have enough materials, you can use blueprints to upgrade the drill. The upgraded drill will work more efficiently to open up new geological strata. In the deep geological layers, you can exploit many precious minerals.

Note that you need to sell minerals and isotopes in the Sell Center because the auto mode will stop working when your inventory is full.