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× 2 allows you to control a character to invade territory. Your mission is to go around to occupy the largest area on the playing field.

The Highlight Of 2

A large playground is a gathering place for many players from all over the world. Your opponents are random online players. You can see this multiplayer in Cubes In the playground, you must try to conquer the largest area by controlling your character to go around and fight for the area. Your character will use its tail to zone areas that belong to you. So, you have to work hard to conquer the largest land.

However, you need to be careful when facing other opponents. They can occupy your territory at any time. You need to zone the area faster than others. In addition, you are also not allowed to stab others' tails. You will lose your life instantly. As a result, your efforts will be discarded. You will lose all your territory.

The game creates attractive gameplay. You can compete with many different people. Strive to be able to own the largest territory. You will be ranked high and appear in the top right corner of the screen.

The way to control the character is very easy. You just need to move your mouse to navigate your character. You also don't need to use too many operations.

Some Tricks To Win

Occupy small areas first: With a large territory, you are often vandalized by others. They will gradually take over your area. Therefore, you should occupy small areas first. That way, it's easier for you to manage your area. Let's scale in a circle. This is the best way for you to defend your territory.

Avoid the tail of your rivals: When running, you must be careful with the opponent's tail. Don't crash into them if you don't want to lose your life. You can occupy the enemy's area when they do not appear. You can apply some tips to win. Good luck!