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Tetris on our Uno Online website is the block-arranging version with the most modes. Can you remove all blocks by arranging them in a complete line?

All Tetris Levels

This block-arranging game offers players 10 different levels. You can choose any level by clicking on the arrow. You can increase and decrease levels as you like without playing in order.

The difference between the levels is the difficulty of the Tetris matches. Choosing the right level will contribute greatly to your success.

Block-Arranging Gameplay

Basic Tetris Playing Way

This classic Tetris game focuses on stacking blocks called tetrominoes to form horizontal rows with no gaps. The blocks are made up of sets of four small squares and can be rotated and moved across the screen.

Tetris Gameplay Elements

There are 4 important factors you need to pay attention to when coming to this block arrangement game.

  • Block: In each turn, the player will see a random block falling from above. There are seven different types of blocks, including shapes like rectangles, L shapes, T shapes, and others.
  • Block Placement: Players can move and rotate blocks with arrow keys to place them in the desired position at the bottom of the screen. The goal of Tetris is to arrange blocks to create full horizontal rows with no gaps.
  • Delete Line: When a horizontal row is formed without a space, the row is deleted, creating free space to continue playing. Players receive more points when clearing multiple rows at the same time.
  • Game End: The game ends when the blocks cannot be placed on the screen because there is no more free space. The ultimate goal of Tetris is to score the highest score possible before the game ends.