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Cubes 2048


Cubes 2048 is a unique combination of a cube and 2048 where you become a cube, move like a snake, and collect suitable cubes to compete with others.

This online game has always attracted millions of players thanks to its unique gameplay with multiplayer. Join this entertaining game, you can enjoy exciting competitive moments. Let's learn about its gameplay together before entering the official matches!

The Combination Of Snake And 2048

The gameplay of this game is quite simple and it combines elements of two games Cube Snake and 2048. This combination is unique as it gives players interesting gameplay.

Cube Character Influence

In terms of cube snake, your character is a cube and it can move according to the rules of a snake game. Your cube can move around the map with your control while competing with other players. The competition rules are similar to the game of inspiration. Larger cubes will have a higher fighting ability. When strong players touch weaker cubes, weaker cubes will be destroyed. In contrast, stronger cubes will absorb all of their power and become significantly more powerful. Besides, your character can also collect food on the map to increase his own strength. It's fine if your character crashes into other players of the same level or edges of the map. These rules are mostly similar to a snake game. However, the rule about characters of the same level is a new feature to bring excitement to the game. In addition, you need to pay attention to the requirements for absorbing cubes and how to calculate the level of the characters. It will all be based on the 2048 game!

This character also appears in Tomb of the Mask but the cube in Tomb of the Mask can not increase its length. Instead, this character can only move through the dark maze, collect light dots, and avoid dangerous obstacles. Cube characters in each online game will have different effects. Players can choose their favorite gameplay.

2048 Elements In Cubes 2048

In terms of 2048, you can only match blocks of the same number. Similarly, your character can only collect blocks of the same number. However, smaller blocks are also possible for you to absorb. Larger numbers will have more vibrant colors. To divide the level for the players, the game will be based on the largest number at the top of each character. This number will determine your level. As you collect the numbers, they will join together and form a tail. The same numbers will be combined to create a new larger number by addition. For example, the game often provides numbers like 2, 4, 8, 16, etc. When you combine 2 cube 2 you will create a cube 4. The larger cubes will be arranged in the front and they will gradually be smaller to the back. Therefore, your tail is your weak point which opponents can easily attack. When your opponent attacks, you can run away from them as long as you don't let the opponent eat your first cube. The tail can be lost and you can create a new one after a successful exit.

In conclusion, the unique combination of the two games, Snake and 2048, creates a unique battlefield. Coming to this battlefield, you need to pay special attention to your movements to combine defense and attack. Good moves will give you a successful game with good achievements.

How To Move In Cubes 2048

Your character moves with the mouse. Slide your mouse so that your character moves in the right direction and press the spacebar to speed up. This move is simple and suitable for all ages, so any generation can play this Cubes 2048 game. It is important to compete with other players to win good achievements. As you gain more points, you can increase your rank on the honor leaderboard. Your score is calculated based on your cube number.

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