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Tomb of the Mask is an online adventure game with the Mask character in the dark world. Let's direct your Mask to run in a closed tunnel and reach the exit.

About Tomb of the Mask

This new online game promises to bring many interesting experiences through the journeys of the Mask. Mask is a mysterious character in Tomb of the Mask and he always wears an ancient mask. Let's go with Mask and enter one of two modes.

Two Modes of Tomb of the Mask

This new game includes two modes: Level and Arcade. The number of modes is less than Cut The Rope 2 but they still bring many experiences to players. These two modes differ in maps, obstacles, dangers, and tunnel length. The length of the tunnel can determine your chances of winning. The longer the tunnel, the greater the number of challenges.

Levels in Level mode will give you shorter adventures than those in Arcade mode. However, each mode brings unique experiences for the Mask character.

How to Control Mask

To control Tomb of the Mask, you just need to use the arrow keys and move in the tunnel. Remember to collect all the light dots, the required item to move to the next level. In addition, don't forget to collect coins and stars to improve your achievements.

Shop For Masks and Powerups

The Tomb of the Mask game offers a Shop section to unlock skins for the Mask character and purchase power-ups. Don't forget to visit this section to shop for outstanding outfits and useful items for your adventure.