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10x10 is a block-sorting game with a 10x10 playing board. This addictive arranging gameplay will challenge all players to complete as many lines as possible.

Details Of 10x10

Welcome to a new puzzle game on our website to arrange blocks! This new game will take you to a classic online world with simple gameplay.

Classic Graphics With 10x10 Board

In the 10x10 game, players can see a playing board with 10 rows and 10 columns. As a result, the game consists of 100 squares. You can place blocks in these squares to perform your tasks.

The 10x10 game has only 100 squares and simple blocks. The designer did not use any modern effects for this sorting game. However, this simplicity will bring players interesting games.

Simple Block-Arrangement Gameplay

The 10x10 game will give you 3 blocks at a time and you need to arrange them on the playing board. After arranging 3 blocks, 3 new blocks will be added. You need to arrange them to form complete lines and remove blocks. If you can't arrange the blocks anymore, the 10x10 game will end.

New Game Introduction

If you have completed excellent 10x10 games, you can participate in other action games to change the experience. A good example is Bridge Water Rush with its competition with other players.