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Introduce this fun game

Bridge Water Rush is a collecting and building game and the players' target is to go to the yacht. Collecting platforms is the only way to create a bridge.

You can encounter familiar characters who are colorful stickmen. They are competing together to build a bridge as quickly as possible. The materials to build a bridge are plates that are floating on the water. You turn into a stickman who has to defeat the other opponents in this game. With colorful graphics and simple gameplay, this game is for every player of all ages. The workers or students can have a relaxing time during their break. I know another game with the same gameplay that is Stack Colors.

How to pass levels in Bridge Water Rush

You only pass a level when your character reaches the yacht first. You will lose this game if your opponents go to the yacht first. Therefore, cleverness and agility are required in this game.

Build a bridge

A bridge is created from many plates and you must ensure the color of the plates are the same as your character's color. The other plates' colors are your opponents'. It's better to collect enough plates at one time. From that, you don't need to move from the yacht to the water many times. Then, you can save time and finish the target soon.

Some tips to win

Sometimes, there will only be 2 buildable bridges when there are 3 competitors. At this point, you can place your plates on top of your opponent's plates. This not only helps you build bridges but also causes your opponents to lose the opportunity to build bridges. However, your competitors will probably do the same thing to you. So, try to collect many plates at once.