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Play Stack Colors to collect all of the bricks on your way and kick them for the longest distance. However, the brick color will challenge you!

About Stack Colors

This online game also has control gameplay like Slope Game. Players also control their characters to collect bricks while conquering the game's challenges. Through this running gameplay, players can have fun while practicing their control abilities.

In addition, this Stack Colors game has many eye-catching colors from bricks, so it is very attractive to players. Players can immerse themselves in a colorful gaming world and conquer adventures.

How To Conquer Adventures

To conquer Stack Colors, players need to understand the rules of this game first.

Rules Of Stack Colors

Use your mouse to control your character and collect bricks. Note that you can only collect bricks of the same color. After that, you can run to the end of the Stack Colors game and take a kick. Finally, the game will calculate your score based on the number of bricks.

Challenges to Collect Bricks

In Stack Colors, bricks come in many colors while you can only collect bricks of the same color. Therefore, you need to pay attention to the color of the bricks. In addition, your color may change after passing through the light walls. This is also a challenge for players to collect bricks.