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Happy Glass includes 90 puzzles in 3 different modes: Precise, Don't Spill, and Flippy Glass for all players to do challenges with cups and water. What are the challenges in this puzzle game? Let's explore this in the next sections!

Challenges Of Happy Glass

Are you ready to conquer challenges? In Happy Glass, you will participate in 90 levels in different modes. Each level is a challenge for players to conquer.

Challenges according to Modes

Precise Mode: This mode brings challenges related to accuracy. You need to fill the cups with water while making sure the water doesn't overflow. Besides, cups at different levels will have different shapes. You need to predict the capacity of the cup and use a single opportunity to press the water.

Don's Spill Mode: The second mode requires players not to spill the cup and water. This goal is challenging because the cup is placed on blocks. When you destroy these blocks, your cup can easily fall. Moreover, the number of blocks will increase with each level to challenge your abilities.

Flippy Glass: This ultimate mode challenges players to the highest level. You need to bring the cup to the target position by dragging and flipping. This move is difficult because the cup can tip over easily. However, this mode has no water, so players don't need to worry about spilling water.

Challenge according to each level

Besides the challenges in each mode, players also face challenges through each level. The difficulty of the game increases after you complete a level. Therefore, players will face more difficulties. This is a great environment for players to improve their thinking ability. This benefit is fundamental to online puzzle games. You can participate in many other similar games on our Uno Online website.

Some Numbers About The Game

This Happy Glass game involves some numbers in terms of the number of modes, number of levels, and number of customizations.

  • 90 levels are ready for all players to conquer.
  • There are 3 modes: Precise (30 levels), Don't Spill (50 levels), and Flippy Glass (10 levels).
  • Only 1 glass is at each level.
  • Players only have 1 chance to complete each level.
  • There are 9 watercolors and 6 glass faces.