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Waffle Game


Waffle Game is a letter-sorting game with a fixed structure through 15 moves. You need to form meaningful words with this limited number of moves.

About Waffle Game

This online game is a word game, a famous game genre today. When you participate in a word game, all the battles revolve around letters and words. Through tasks, you need to arrange letters to form meaningful words. Word games follow this basic rule to create challenges for players.

This Waffle Game is no exception as all players need to arrange letters to form meaningful words. However, this gameplay has different characteristics compared to previous word games.

Distinctive Word Characteristics

First, players must follow the fixed structure of the Waffle Game.

Structure Of Waffle Game

This word game usually offers a 5x5 board with 25 squares. However, there are empty squares. The remaining squares are filled with letters.

This structure will change each day and you will only be challenged with one structure per day. In particular, you can only play once. After 15 moves, you have to wait until the next day.

How to Fill Text into Structure

Your task is to rearrange the letters to form complete words. In this Waffle Game, the dark brown letters are the correct letters. The light brown letters are misplaced. Finally, the white letters are the wrong letters.

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