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Temple Run 2


Temple Run 2 is the most popular race in the gaming world where you control a guy who jumps dangerous flames and obstacles to escape from ferocious monsters.

At an ancient temple hanging in the middle of a cliff, a young man was running for his life out of a cave. Behind him, a huge monster was chasing and attacking him. The only way to stay alive is to run as far as possible to avoid this pursuit. Help him to run away and protect him from dangers along the way! How to accomplish this escape goal? Let's go to the important information about the game!

Important Information About Temple Run 2

Important information about this game includes many factors, but you may be interested in two most important factors: gameplay and objects in this game.

Temple Run 2 Gameplay

The gameplay of this game will revolve around the control of the main character. The main character is a guy who will automatically move forward and your task is to navigate for him. To navigate, you just need to use the arrow keys or the WASD key. The up arrow key and W key will help you to jump up while you use the down arrow key or S key to slide. The left and right arrow keys or AD keys will be used to move sideways. You will need to apply these control keys flexibly to conquer all dangers in this running game. In particular, the game will take you to many different terrains with diverse obstacles. Changing the way you move is necessary to adapt to each challenge of the game. It can be more challenging to control Uno Online, but you will soon master these hotkeys with some try times.

For example, you will need to release to swing and cross the deep. On the contrary, you need the slide to get through the big rocks. For each obstacle, you need to have different ways of moving. However, a few dangers allow you to use one of the many methods of movement to conquer them. Flame is an example. You can slide or jump. This depends on the skill familiarity of the players. Now, let's go to the items that can appear in this running game!

Objects In This Game

The items of the game will rely on the special abilities of the main character. Coming to this game, your character can own 3 items: Shield Duration, Coin Magnet, and Boost Distance. Each item will give the character a special ability. Shield Duration will give you resistance to any damage while Coin Magnet will help you attract all the coins around. Boost Distance will give you the most special ability when the game will allow your character to conquer a paragraph without control.

To activate these abilities, simply press the spacebar. Note that these abilities may only be active for a short time. To increase the duration and functionality of abilities, you can upgrade them in the Abilities section.

Other Game Elements

On the main screen, you can monitor a few other elements such as Settings, Challenges, and Stats. In the Settings section, you can set the sound for your races in Temple Run 2 while the Stats section tells you about your personal information such as Highest Score, Longest Run, and Most Coins. The most special thing is the Challenges section where you can get valuable rewards for completing the required quests.