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Geometry Dash Breeze

Geometry Dash Breeze is a highlight in the geometry series as the game takes you into the world of 3 levels: Over The Clouds, Into The Zone, and Ghost Ship.

These three levels will be great experiences for each player.

3 Levels Of Geometry Dash Breeze

3 levels of the online game will gradually increase in difficulty according to the number of stars. Level Over The Clouds has 1 star and is the easiest level. Next, the Into The Zone level has 2 stars and the Ghost Ship level has 3 stars and it is the most challenging level in this version. So what makes the difference between the levels? Let's find out together in the following section.

  • Over The Clouds will take you to the sky world where clouds and rainbows appear. Colorful images interspersed with obstacles will give you a unique experience. You will be impressed with the scenery of this level. Especially, when you transform into a Ship and exercise your ability to fly, you will have an opportunity to enjoy the eye-catching sky.
  • Into The Zone is the second level where you will advance to the more dangerous land. Clashes appear and make your character wobble.
  • Ghost Ship is the most challenging level with strong earthquakes. You have to fend off a series of obstacles while remaining calm to deal with earthquake situations.

Prizes In 3 Levels

All 3 levels have mysterious stars. These stars will appear in challenging locations to test your control ability. When the star appears, it is possible two safe paths to move. The star will be in one of those two paths. You need quick reflexes to choose the right path and win the prize for yourself. The number of stars for each level is 3 stars.