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Play 3D Dinosaur Game to enjoy a new no internet game with 3D graphics. This innovation will bring players thrilling runs in the desert with the T-rex dinosaur.

To start this 3D Dinosaur Game, players just need to press the Start The Game button.

Start The 3D Dinosaur Game

Welcome to a 3D game with a green T-rex! Like Rodeo Stampede: Sky Zoo Safari, this game also belongs to the running and adventure genre, so the first important feature is how to control the character.

How To Control Green Dinosaur

This 3D Dinosaur Game version has similar controls to the regular versions. Players can press the spacebar or up arrow to help their dino jump and avoid obstacles.

The controls are easy to do but the challenge is to get the correct timing to jump over the obstacles.

Obstacles In 3D Dinosaur Game

Your green dinosaur will run across an endless desert. Next to a long river, cacti grow along the riverbank and your mission is to control your T-rex to jump over these cacti.

The number of cacti will directly affect your score.

Point Of T-rex Dinosaur

In 3D Dinosaur Game, your dinosaur can win endless points by conquering cacti. Your score will increase with the distance you run.