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Knight Amaze is an extremely interesting strategic game for you. You need to find a way to destroy your opponents on the playing field without falling out.

Join The Battles In Knight Amaze

There are many opponents on the playing field. You have to find a way to rush toward them. If you rush at them, they will be destroyed. However, your character can only rush straight in that direction. The soldier character cannot move slowly. So, he can fall into the water if you control it unskillfully. Because your character moves abnormally, you have to find a way for him to rush into other opponents on the playing field. You can take advantage of the wooden crates on the playground to prevent your character from falling into the water.

The game requires you to have a smart strategy to be successful. You might be stuck and go around the playing field without being able to destroy any opponents. So, like Gobble, you also need to come up with the best way to complete your mission.

How to control: When controlling your character, you must use the left mouse button to navigate. Try your best to obtain the highest scores and become the bravest knight. Good luck!

Some Tips To Beat All Enemies

Collect the swords: You need to pay attention to your star count and other opponents. You can only beat opponents with the same number of stars as you. If you crash into opponents with more stars than you, you lose. So before attacking those characters, you need to collect the swords. They will help to increase the number of stars. Don't miss them if you want to defeat the boss.

Upgrade the soldier: After each match, you will get 200 or 300 scores. You must accumulate them to unlock new soldiers. They are soldiers with outstanding combat power. They can help you beat the others quickly. Try your best to unlock all of the soldiers and then choose the strongest soldier to join the war.