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Gobble is a hole monster that can devour all objects, except humans. Take control of this special character and complete all the challenges at each level!

This game belongs to the puzzle genre, so it will challenge the intelligence of players to solve difficult puzzles. So what will these puzzles include and how to solve them? Let's move on to the next section to answer these two important questions.

Puzzles in Gobble

The puzzles in the game are divided into many different levels and each level will include a separate challenge. You will need to use your abilities to solve each puzzle. However, these puzzles will contain the same elements and their solutions will also follow the same rules. Let's follow them in the next two parts!

Gobble - The Hole

This online game consists of two main elements: holes and objects.

Hole, called Gobble is a monster and it will be your main character in this game. This character is a bottomless pit and it has the ability to eat all other objects. In fact, the word Gobble is also often referred to as eating quickly and voraciously. This is the most common meaning of the word "gobble". It refers to the act of eating food quickly and eagerly, often without taking the time to chew it thoroughly or enjoy the taste. This online game is also inspired by this meaning. As each object falls into the hole, they disappear instantly. This is similar to the fact that the pit can eat so quickly that there is no need to chew.

Other Object In The Game

The objects in this Gobble game are quite diverse with many colors, designs, and shapes because they are of different types. First, people will also appear in many different positions, but humans are special objects. The hole cannot eat humans because humans are the object of building other objects to feed the hole. Next, objects like cacti, blocks, or buildings all allow the hole character to eat. However, this object has enough shape and size while your hole has only one size. You need to find a way for the hole to eat everything but humans before proceeding to the next level. This is why we have a sequel.

How to Solve Puzzles

Because of the variety of sizes of objects, you need different strategies to conquer dozens. In particular, some long items cause a lot of difficulties for you. When facing these objects, you should eat from one end of it and try to tilt the object. After it tilts, it can fall down gradually along its length. In short, you should start from small positions instead of big ones.

Besides, the human position can also cause many difficulties because the hole is not allowed to eat people. If the hole eats people, the level will end immediately and you need to restart that level. However, humans are always intermingled with other objects. You need to skillfully move so that people do not fall into the pit unintentionally. Playing this online game is a good way to improve your thinking abilities as the way of Uno Online.

How to Control The Hole: Controlling the hole is extremely easy when you just need to use the arrow keys to move it.