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Subway Clash 2 is a shooting game between green and red teams. Attack the opposing team and team up with partners to create thrilling subway battles! One of the most significant features is the subway battlefield.

The Subway Battlefield

Subway Clash 2 battles will take place in a subway system. This underground system is extremely complex with many nooks and crannies and uneven terrain. Besides, this subway line seems to have been abandoned for a long time, so everything looks old and gloomy. This special combat space will always impress you. The complexity of the map will create excitement while moving and fighting.

An important factor contributing to the success of subway terrain is graphics. The game graphics always are on red and black tones to create an ideal battle arena for action game enthusiasts.

Subway Clash 2 Gameplay

This second version will take place for 3 minutes in each match. Enter the battlefield and use your guns to shoot down players on the opposing team. Besides, don't forget to avoid attacks from the red team. Any player can be destroyed when participating in shooting matches. Once destroyed, you can revive and continue the match.

After each match ends, you can follow the summary table to observe the results of the two teams and each individual's achievements.