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8 Ball Pool


8 Ball Pool is an online billiards game where you follow the basic billiards rules. You and your opponent take turns hitting the balls into the holes.

Basic Billards Rules

Billiards rules depend on many factors such as the players, the balls, and the locations. Each place has a different style of playing billiards. In 8 Ball Pool online, players will follow the two-color billiards rules.

In billiards matches, you will see a cue ball, an 8 ball, and 14 regular balls. The 14 balls are divided into two types: plain balls and striped balls. Each player will receive a type of ball and use the cue ball to hit them into the hole. After you have pocketed all your balls, you can pocket the 8-number ball. If you complete this goal, you will win the 8 Ball Pool.

This style of play is maintained in all matches in 8 Ball Pool.

Features Of 8 Ball Pool

This online game has two basic features: multiplayer and easy controls.

Multiplayer Billards

In 8 Ball Pool, you will randomly connect with another player. After connecting, the two players will enter the official billiards match. With this connection, players can play with many other players around the world.

Controls Of 8 Ball Pool

Playing billiards is simple as players only need to use the mouse to control. You just need to press and hold to aim at the balls and release them to hit. This 8 Ball Pool game uses this control for all matches.

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